Apple Music Justin Bieber enjoys being wed. In a teaser from his upcoming interview with Apple Music’s Beats 1, which debuts on February 15, the”Yummy”singer opened up about his marital relationship to Hailey Bieber and couldn’t

gush but assist over his bride-to-be.”I’m freaking married now,” he told host Zane Lowe. “I got the very best partner on the planet. She supports me through so much. I’m truly honored to be her partner.”

In truth, he revealed that his < a href =”” target=”_ blank “> brand-new album Changes is a love letter to the design, noting that their time together as newlyweds functioned as his motivation for the highly-anticipated record. “I wish to continue to discuss what it looks like to be … This is an album I wrote in the very first year of our marriage, so it’s so fresh,” Bieber continued. “There’s so much more to find out about dedication, and structure trust, and foundation.”

He added, “I’m anticipating continuing to construct and make music that’s going to show that.”