Rescued: Palo Alto couple found alive after vanishing a week ago – The Mercury News


The couple hung on.

“This is a miracle,” he stated.

Even their kid, Jonas Irwin, lacked much hope as the search dragged on.

“Thank God you discovered us, we’re so happy,” the couple blurted, according to Webster, who provided Kiparsky all the warm clothes and equipment he was carrying– and the couple water while they waited for the rescue helicopter to take them to Marin General Hospital. When they were lastly found, the helicopter became the only way to get the couple out. Speaking to reporters in front of dozens of volunteers and search workers– and Groot– who had put in 10 to 12 hour days in the effort to discover the missing couple, Schneider explained “arranged chaos” when they were lastly found, with everybody scrambling to help. Carol and Ian are on there way to a regional healthcare facility. We’ve discovered Carol and Ian alive.

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